exquisite design

design adds value

Design creates order our of chaos. Design creates possibility out of impossibility. Design is guided by innovative strategy and careful planning. 

Over the past thirty years, k629 has partnered with select clients to tackle challenges large and small. The k629 approach combines careful analysis with smart foresight framed by timeliness and efficiency. 

Are you willing to venture your project on a guess? Unlike other creative firms that charge a fortune to deliver a cookie-cutter “design solution” through gut instinct, a clever guess, or posh trends; k629 discerns a bespoke focused solution-based approach for each individual client. The k629 approach is unparalleled and provides clients with clear and confident direction. At k629 we don’t guess, we know. 

That’s the reason ‘we know why.” 



private clients

discretion and privacy

Design is a strange animal.

Imagine if you went to your doctor and came home to find your entire medical history, profile, and name on your doctor’s public website being used to promote your doctor’s business.

Imagine if you needed the services of an attorney and the same thing happened. Chances are good that you’d be embarrassed, disappointed, and maybe even angry.

Why, then, is it acceptable for design professionals to solicit clients, charge those clients, and then use their clients’ work to promote their own design firm?

It’s not. Design—especially strategy and planning—is often proprietary and private. At k629, we understand that and it’s the fundamental cornerstone of our business. We don’t solicit business or pursue “leads,” like many other design firms. Instead, we let our reputation speak for us.